Cryomagnet 268HTCC81

3T horizontal

TypeDry high-Tc magnet
Tmin1.5K with Cryostat 105ILHV42



The magnet is protected by a magnet monitor which continuously checks that operating voltages and temperatures do not exceed set limits. This monitor will not allow the power supply to operate until temperatures and voltages fall below the Enable limits. After that, if voltages or temperatures rise above the Disable limits, the monitor sends a disable signal to the power supply and the operating current drops to zero to protect the magnet.

Amps/Tesla conversion71.058 A/T 
Power supply current limits-215.0 A215.0 A
Coil differential voltage limitsEnable if < 1 mVDisable if > 50 mV
Current lead differential limitsEnable if < 1 mVDisable if > 2 mV
Stage 1 cooler temperature limitsEnable if < 49 KDisable if > 50 K
Stage 2 cooler temperature limitsEnable if < 14 KDisable if > 15 K
Coil pack A temperature limitsEnable if < 17 KDisable if > 18 K
Coil pack B temperature limitsEnable if < 17 KDisable if > 18 K
CurrentEnable if < 2 ADisable if > 216 A