Gas Sorption

ILL provides 3 high-pressure volumetric gas sorption analysers and 14 injection sticks for Orange cryostats.

Sieverts (volumetric) sorption analyser

We propose two volumetric sorption analysers from Hiden Isochema. They are fully automated and operated under remote control. The analysers are compatible with hydrogen, oxygen, helium, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and deuterium. It is also possible to study a mixture of gases using its inlet mass flow controllers.

Also, the sorption analysers design permits automatic recalibration of the dosing volume, in addition to the reactor dead volume using supplied NIST traceable volumes. Flow controllers combined with separate shut-off valves are used to restricl lhe maximum inboard and outboard volume of gas for increased control and increased operating safety.

Sample sticks for Orange cryostats

Several sample sticks have been designed and constructed for gas sorption analysis. Today, we provide sticks and sample containers allowing to work at up to 80 bar but we work together with our colleagues from HZB and ANSTO on the design of a new stick featuring greatly improved performances.