Annual report

The Annual Report gives a selection of scientific highlights of the ILL and an overview of technical and other activity for the previous year.

If you have any highlights or recent results of experiments performed at the ILL, do not hesitate to submit them. 
The deadline for submitting contributions is usually 1 October every year. 
Please follow the Guidelines when writing your article and send it to Dr Giovanna Cicognani

NEW  Annual report 2021 (pdf - 14.14 Mi)

  Annual report 2020 (pdf - 31 Mi)

  Annual report 2019 (pdf - 20 Mi) 

Annual report 2018 (pdf - 24 Mi)

Annual report 2017 (pdf - 28 Mi)

Annual report 2016 (pdf - 48 Mi)

Annual report 2015 (pdf - 13.64 Mi)

Annual report 2014 (pdf - 22 Mi)