Neutrons are an invaluable research tool across the entire energy sector, with applications ranging from batteries and fuel cells to nuclear power, wind turbines and solar panels. Many energy materials contain light elements, such as hydrogen, lithium and oxygen, which are ideal to study with neutrons. Neutrons can also be used to study fuel cells and batteries in operando, allowing us to gain better insight into the chemical reactions that take place during use.

Ongoing PhD projects at ILL in collaboration with companies such as Toyota, Umicore, Varta and Ceres Power, within the framework of the InnovaXN programme, clearly illustrate the relevance of neutrons in the energy sector.



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It is common knowledge that batteries degrade with usage. Exactly how this happens and how could it be mitigated is cutting-edge research. An important step forward has just been published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science.

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The global need to transition to a sustainable and clean energy future has brought hydrogen to the forefront as a promising clean energy carrier. Efficient and safe storage is a key challenge and hydrogen storage in activated carbons is a promising…

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