Guidelines for contributions

Each contribution should consist of 2 printed pages including figures, graphs and photos. Please follow these guidelines:

Remember: this is not a publication for a scientific journal. Keep your text simple and clear.
The targeted audience should be scientists with a high level degree in science.
The figures should not be too technical and it is better to avoid too many graphs.

Pay attention to some plain English principles – e.g. preferring the active voice (e.g. we decided) over the passive voice (e.g. it was decided that); and preferring verbs (e.g. decided) over noun forms (e.g. made the decision to).

Text of the article

  •  pay special attention in putting more emphasis on the applied benefits/merits of the ILL’s science— if this applies.
  • the introduction shoudl state (for a non expert) in which context you did this research and why your results are important
  • the articles should be not longer than 800 words, including an introduction of about 50-80 words and a personalised text about the main author (of about 50 words + one photo)
  • provide not more than 4 references (avoiding self citations) with the following style :
    [1] D. Meneghetti and S. S. Sidhu, Phys. Rev. 105 (1957) 130
  • please use the UK spell checker (not US)

Figures and photos 

  • 2 figures (or diagrams) with captions (a figure corresponds to about 150 words; if you would like to include more figures, reduce the number of words accordingly)
  • one colour pictures to illustrate the subject (if you don’t have the image we will provide it from a commercial database)
  • figures and pictures should be high quality

Author presentation

We would like to "personalise" each article in a way similar to what we did for last year Annual Report (see for example here (pdf - 733 Ki)).
I would therefore ask the article's corresponding author to provide in addition :

Name Surname
Current based at : Laboratory's name, Country
Twitter account (if you have one)
"Two or three sentences describing you and your work"


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information :

Giovanna Cicognani, cico(at), phone +33 476 20 71 79

Virginie Guerard, guerardv(at), phone +33 476 20 71 01