ILL's Policy on Gender Equality


“I welcome this plan as a step towards ensuring that all genders have equal opportunity to participate, contribute and benefit from our organization. I strongly believe that diversity and inclusivity are important not only for societal and human rights reasons, but also for increasing the success of advanced research facilities like the ILL.  An organization made up of people who all look, behave, and think the same is limited in what it can achieve. By including people with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, and by treating them equally, we can increase the collective intelligence of our organization and strengthen our ability to succeed. When we enable people to share different knowledge, perspectives, and opinions, we increase our ability to understand and solve problems, and to help each grow.”



As a French “Société civile” with a membership covering 3 Associate and 11 Scientific Member countries and whose staff includes more than 35 nationalities, diversity, mutual respect and international collaboration have been guiding principles ever since the ILL was founded.

Our excellence comes from our ability to promote diversity of ideas and perspectives and a work environment that reflects the values of diversity and gender equality in all policies, procedures and practice.

To date, the ILL’s policy related to gender diversity and gender equality in the workplace has led to the signing, in March 2015, of a multi-year agreement on gender equality and the implementation of a policy to help combat moral and sexual harassment and sexist behaviour.

The ILL’s Gender Equality Plan focuses its actions on the following four themes:




For each of these themes, a list of actions and goals have been defined, along with a set of performance monitoring indicators. An annual report based on these indicators is analysed at the end of each year.

An ILL Gender Equality Commission has been set up comprising Staff representatives and members of the HR team. This commission together with ILL’s Staff Representative Committee and ILL Management monitor progress in achieving the goals set out in the Gender Equality Plan.

Adopted on 5 September 2018, the French law called “Loi Avenir Professionnel” requires companies with 50 or more employees to calculate and publish their “gender equality index” every year. This index is expressed as a score out of a maximum of 100 points and is calculated on the basis of 5 indicators, including the gap between men and women in pay, individual salary increases and promotions. The ILL began carrying out this exercise for the year 2018, when it recorded a score of 88/100. Its score for the year 2019 was 89/100 and for 2020 it was 88/100. It should be noted that 75/100 is the score below which corrective actions must be taken. For the year 2021, the ILL scored a remarkable 94/100.

As a result of its commitment to gender equality, by the end of 2020 the ILL employed: