Employment conditions

Working conditions that measure up to your skills

Because being at the very heart of scientific research and forging ahead every day requires getting the very best from person working at the ILL, it is important to us that he/she enjoys the best possible working and living conditions. 

ILL therefore offers its staff members a range of incentives and benefits, in the form of both financial and practical assistance, throughout their career.

Your life at the ILL

Whether you are starting, pursuing or ending your career at the ILL, it is important that you find a personal sense of meaning and purpose while working at the heart of a multicultural scientific environment.

Here's what we can offer to support you in this new endeavour:


When you work at the ILL, you have the guarantee of secure and stable employment. The majority of our contracts are permanent or, in the case of research contracts, for a fixed duration of 3 years for PhD students, 18 to 36 months for postdoctoral fellows, and 3 to 5 years for scientists.


The professions represented within the ILL workforce are professions that require passion and push you to give the best of yourself. We therefore offer salaries that match this level of commitment.

For information, here are the wage brackets in terms of gross annual salary for the different categories of staff at our Institute:

  • Scientists: €45k to €75k  /  Post Doc: €44k to €45.5k  /  PhD students: €28.8k
  • Engineers and managerial staff: €35k to €70k
  • Technicians: €23k to €55k
  • Administrative assistants: €23k to €55k

Our pay policy is designed to recognise the responsibilities, expertise and commitment of each indivudual member of staff. Our aim is to ensure that you are paid a fair and competitive salary while at the same time offering substantial benefits.

Your salary will be set at the time of your recruitment based on your qualifications and professional experience, as well as the level of skills, responsibility and/or technical expertise required for the position you will hold.

Allowances and bonuses

In addition to your salary, you will receive an annual productivity bonus (approx. €910 in 2015).
If you perform shift work or on-call duties, you will be paid a monthly shift allowance. Similarly, for certain specific working conditions you are entitled to an allowance of up to €130 per month for discomfort in the workplace.

Long-service bonus

Your commitment to the Institute is rewarded with a long-service bonus.

Vocational training and career prospects

Details of the vocational training and career development opportunities included in our conditions of employment can be found here

Working hours and compensatory ('RTT') leave

Employees with normal working hours work Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.30, including a lunch break (there is a subsidised staff canteen on our site). Through the company agreement on the 35-hour week, these employees are entitled to compensatory leave (récupération du temps de travail (RTT)). For full-time employees, this represents 23 days of RTT leave per year.

Company Transport Plan (Plan de Déplacement Entreprise - PDE)

Within the framework of a PDE agreement, the ILL covers 70 % of the cost of your monthly or annual public transport travel pass.

Works Council (Comité d'entreprise - CE)

Thanks to our Works Council, you can take advantage of a variety of clubs (photo, music , etc.) and lending libraries (books, DVDs, tools, etc.). The Works Council also offers you access to over 30 sporting activities, reductions on cultural activities, holiday subsidies and the opportunity to travel to far-flung destinations (such as Thailand, Vietnam, USA and India).

One of the keys to your well-being at work is how well you settle and integrate into your new environment
This is why we offer you a broad range of services to help you with the practicalities of settling in.

Expatriation allowance (for non-French employees who have lived in France for less than 10 years)

Because leaving your familiar social and cultural surroundings is not a trivial matter, we try to compensate for some of the costs associated with expatriation and of finding yourself in a foreign country, separated from family and friends. You will therefore receive a monthly allowance of between €438 and €680, depending on your family status (living alone or as a couple, with or without children). The value of this allowance remains constant for your first ten years of residence in France and is then reduced by 5 % per year over a period of ten years.

You will also receive an adaptation allowance of between €12 250 and €15 300 to help you set up home in the Grenoble area.

Settling-in allowance

On arrival at the ILL, you will be paid a settling-in allowance if you previously lived more than 50 km from Grenoble and have had to change your place of residence to come and work at the Institute. This allowance is intended to cover certain expenses in connection with temporary accommodation, setting up home and administrative formalities; it amounts to either €3 200 or €4 000, depending on your marital status (living alone or as a couple). In addition, we will reimburse the removal costs for your belongings and personal effects.

Accommodation service

We can offer you (free of charge under certain conditions) a relocation and support service tailored to your individual needs. This service is provided by a specialised relocation company, which will provide you with a personal advisor who speaks at least two foreign languages and is familiar with local conditions and the international context. Your advisor will provide assistance in two phases: prior to your arrival and following your arrival at the ILL. He/she will take charge of the following:

  • Finding suitable accommodation to rent (selecting properties and arranging viewing, booking hotels, hire cars, restaurants, etc. if you come to Grenoble temporarily to look for accommodation).
  • Completing administrative formalities of all types: interfacing with estate agents (tenancy agreement, inventory, deposit, etc.), arranging an appointment to open a bank account, organising utility connections (electricity, gas, water, phone).

Help with residence formalities

Depending on your nationality, you may have to complete residence formalities to be allowed to work in France. A member of the Recruitment and Integration team will give you all the necessary information and will help you complete the process.

The "Mutuelle" (supplementary health cover) / Insurance

We provide a supplementary health insurance scheme (known as a "mutuelle") which guarantees you and your dependents the necessary insurance cover to meet some or all of the medical expenses not reimbursed by the French Social Security in the event of illness or accident (medical consultations, treatment, medication, hospital expenses, etc.). The scheme is compulsory. The ILL pays part of the cost; your monthly contribution to the scheme comes to around €40 (per household). 
As an employee of the ILL, you are also entitled to preferential terms with the ‘MAIF’ insurance company, which can provide you and your family with many different types of insurance, including car insurance, home and contents insurance, life insurance, and a retirement savings scheme.

Because it is vital for us that you achieve a balance between your professional life and your personal life, we guarantee a number of benefits.

Paid leave

On top of the days of annual leave and 'RTT' leave to which you are legally entitled, we will give you additional days of leave to allow you to spend time with your relatives during important family events, such as your marriage (6 days), the birth of a child (4 days) or the death of family member; additional leave is also granted so you can return to your country of origin if you are not French.

Bonuses for special events

We will contribute to certain special events in your life (your marriage or civil partnership, the birth of your children) by offering you a bonus as our gift to help you celebrate.

Family supplement

If you have at least two dependent children, you will (under certain conditions) be paid a monthly supplement: 
2 children => €75.42     
3 children => €214.33     
4 children => €362.08, for every additional child: €150.54