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Phases and texture via X-ray diffraction in neutron optics multilayers

(Ref. SON_1)


This internship will take place within the Multilayers group of the ILL’s Neutron Optics Service. The group produces neutron optical devices based on metal multilayer super-mirrors, in particular Ni/Ti and Fe/Si, deposited by magnetron sputtering (PVD). Although the optical performance of these mirrors has been accurately assessed, their microstructure is not always well known: phases distribution, texture, micro-strains, etc. The aim of the internship is to start to analyse these aspects by using X-ray diffraction, in order to estimate their dependence on the coating parameters. A first approach will be possible using the X-ray instruments available at the ILL, then the access to more dedicated instruments outside the ILL will be considered.


Activities of the trainee:

- Preparation of an experimental plan from the many samples available.

- First measurements and analyses with the diffractometers accessible at the ILL.

- More precise determination of the instrumental requirements, and contacting of external teams in order to perform measurements (X-ray characterisation platforms).

- Analysis and interpretation of the results ("MAUD" software).


Level required:

5th year university studies in physics of materials


Language skills:

As an international research centre, we are particularly keen to ensure that we also attract applicants from outside France. You must be able to communicate in English or in French.



This post is an internship with a duration of a minimum of 5 months




You will receive a monthly allowance of between 750 € and 900 €, depending on the duration of your internship and your profile.



Please send your application directly to the supervisor: