Other Supported Software

Autonomous experiments

  • TAS-Paths (Automatic pathfinding for Triple-Axis Spectrometers (TAS) for neutron inelastic scattering measurements) Contact: Tobias

Data Analysis

  • SASview (Small Angle Scattering Analysis) Contact: Miguel
  • QENSLibrary (Library for QENS data analysis - python fitting package) Contact: Miguel

Simulation -- C-Lab

Molecular Dynamics

Ab-INITIO CALculations

  • VASP (Periodic plane wave simulations)  Contact: Stef 
  • Crystal (Periodic Gaussian based simulations) Contact: Elisa
  • Dalton/LSDalton (Molecular Electronic Structure Programs)  Contact: Elisa
  • MOLCAS  (ab initio quantum chemistry software package) Contact: Elisa

Phonon code

  • Phonon (Phonon curves and density spectra) Contact: Stef 
  • Phonopy (Phonon calculations at harmonic and quasi-harmonic levels) Contact: Stef / Tobias