Data Reduction

Data Reduction softwares

Depending on the instrument, different data reduction software are available at the ILL, and supported by the Computing for Science group

Documentation per Instrument

Instrument nameCS contacts for Data ReductionSoftwareDocumentation page
D1BMiguel & Elisa & NebilMantidWiki
D2BStef & Tobias & Nebil & MiguelMantidWiki
D4Miguel & ElisaMantidWiki 
D11Miguel & IrinaMantid 
D16Stef & ElisaMantidWiki 
D17Miguel & TobiasMantid 
D20Stef & Elisa & NebilMantidWiki
D22Miguel & Irina / CharlesMantid / Grasp 
D33Miguel & Irina / CharlesMantid / Grasp 
FigaroMiguel & ElisaMantid 
IN5Stef & IrinaMantid 
IN16BMiguel & ElisaMantid 
LagrangeStef & IrinaMantidWiki
PantherStef & ElisaMantid 
SalsaMiguel & TobiasMantid 
SharpStef & IrinaMantid 
XtremeDStef & TobiasMantid 
TAS: IN8/IN20/IN12/THALESTobiasTakin 
Single Crystal Diffractometers: D9/D10/D23NebilInt3D 



Miguel GONZALEZ014-ILL177166gonzalezm(at)
Elisa REBOLINI016-ILL177372rebolini(at)
Irina SAFIULINA014-ILL177829safiulina(at)
Stéphane ROLS013-ILL177825rols(at)
Tobias WEBER013-ILL177376tweber(at)
Charles DEWHURST249-ILL47382dewhurst(at)
Nebil AYAPE KATCHO102-ILL177382katcho(at)