Markets in Grenoble

Grenoble and its outskirts has a great range of markets, from traditional markets to farmers' and organic markets, all providing quality produce.

See Marchés à Grenoble  on the city’s website for a list of Grenoble’s markets.



There is a choice of supermarkets ranging from small local superettes, to very large hypermarchés. Many neighborhoods have smaller shops specializing in organic or locally produced foods.  You can find superettes in most neighborhoods and throughout downtown Grenoble. There are also many shops specializing in ingredients for Asian foods, and a number of mid-sized department stores with both groceries and household items. Many, if not most, offer online shopping with delivery services or in-store pickup.

The major “hypermarkets” or large supermarkets in the Grenoble area are Carrefour, Leclerc, Géant Casino and Intermarche:

Carrefour Grenoble Grand’place Echirolles:

Voie n° 24 - Villeneuve

Carrefour Saint Egreve:

1 rue des Abattoirs B.P. 140


Leclerc Echirolles:

Espace Comboire: 38130 ECHIROLLES


Leclerc Saint Martin d'Hères:

ZAC Du Pré Ruffier


Géant Casino Grenoble Fontaine :

120 Boulevard Paul Langevin 38600 Fontaine

Géant Casino Saint Martin d'Hères:

76 avenue Gabriel Péri 38400 Saint Martin d'Hères

Intermarche – Porte de France

15 route de Lyon

38000 Grenoble

Intermarche – Grand Blvds

13 boulevard du Maréchal Foch

38100 Grenoble

The major organic shops are L’Eau Vive and Biocoop Casabio:

Grenoble - Irvoy

24 Rue irvoy

Grenoble - Lafontaine

6 cours Lafontaine

Grenoble - Place aux Herbes

4 Place aux Herbes

Casabio Libération

234 Cours de la Libération

38100 Grenoble

Casabio Chorier

32 rue Nicolas Chorier, 38000 Grenoble


 Casabio Saint Egrève

22 avenue de l'Ile Brune 38120 St-Egrève

Shopping centres

The typical centre commercial consists of a variety of shops and restaurants on one site.

They often include department stores and hypermarkets, or large supermarkets.

A few large shopping centres in and around Grenoble:

  • Grand’Place: There are nearly 120 shops in the Grand'Place centre. With parking for up to 3500 cars, it is the biggest shopping centre in the Grenoble area. The Grand'Place complex straddles the communes of Grenoble and Échirolles. For more information visit:


Public transport:

Tram: Ligne A - the Grand’place or Alpexpo tram stop

Bus: Lines C3, C6, 12, 67 Grand’place stop

By car:

Rocade sud – (the south ring) - exit 6 or 4

  • Caserne de Bonne: This is an innovative shopping complex designated high environmental quality, and located in the hypercentre, or Grenoble city centre. It includes 53 shops and 350 parking spaces. For more information, visit the La Caserne de Bonne website:


Public transport:

Tram: Line C - Gustave RIVET or FOCH - FERRIE tram stops

Bus: Line 13  Caserne de Bonne bus stop or Line 12 Championnet bus stop


  • Espace Comboire: This is a large shopping area with an indoor air-conditioned shopping centre as well as a number of outdoor and hardware stores, each with its own carpark. Espace Comboire is in the southern suburbs of Grenoble. There are about 50 shops and parking for 2000 vehicles.


Public transport:

Bus: line 11 - Comboire bus stop


Other supermarket/department stores

Monoprix has three stores in central Grenoble and several departments selling groceries, household items, clothing and toys.

Simply Market (Auchan) has four stores in Grenoble and sells grocery and household items. It’s known for having lower prices.

Grand Frais has two stores in the outskirts of Grenoble (Seyssins and Echirolles) and specialises in international and locally produced fresh foods


Furniture and furnishings

There are several large furniture shops in the area with a vast range of furnishings for all tastes and prices, such as: IKEA in St Martin d’Heres, ALINEA in St Egreve, CASTORAMA in St Martin d’Heres, etc.  Flea markets or garage sales (vide grenier) are a good option for used items. A list of dates and location can be found online at 

Find classified ads on the popular website , where people post  their items or services for sale.

You can also purchase used furniture from the charity Emmaus, where proceeds contribute to the association’s charitable work. The closest location is in Sassenage.

Les Mironds

33 route de Valence