Nuclear & Particle Physics

The Nuclear and Particle Physics Group (NPP) operates four instruments, two being dedicated to nuclear physics and applied nuclear physics aspects, while the others cover mainly neutron particle physics aspects:

  • The field of study of the mass separator spectrometer LOHENGRIN is serving for studies of fission and spectroscopy of very neutron-rich nuclei.
  • The high-resolution gamma ray interferometer GAMS targets the application of gamma spectroscopy, benefiting from the highest possible energy resolution. Many studies carried out on this instrument have aimed to contribute to our understanding of the structure of nuclei. Others are dedicated to the determination of standards and fundamental constants. Recently the precise equivalence of energy and mass (E=mc2) was verified.
  • The cold neutron beam facility PF1B is located at the very intense ballistic guide H113. Studies on this instrument comprise, among others, precise measurements of neutron decay asymmetries and polarized neutron-induced nuclear reactions.
  • The ultra-cold neutron facility PF2 was built by TU Munich in collaboration with the ILL. Flagship experiments on this facility are a precise determination of the neutron lifetime and the search for a non-vanishing neutron electric dipole mome.

The film was displayed at the American Physical Society conference in March 2017.