Working together

Industrial R&D at the ILL

We offer different modes of access depending on the level of confidentiality the industrial client requires.

Proprietary research

  • Rapid access to the instruments
  • Strictest level of confidentiality
  • Intellectual Property rights remain with the customer
  • ILL’s round-the-clock technical support guaranteed
  • Consultancy support available for data analysis
  • See below price examples, more details can be obtained on request

Cooperative solutions

  • Combination of proprietary and academic access
  • The finest academic research matching the requirements of industrial innovation
  • The resources invested by the partners vary with the characteristics of the project, as do the level of access to the facilities and the distribution of IPR income.

Public beamtime

  • Beamtime access through the six-month peer review selection rounds
  • Obligation to report to ILL and to publish the results in a scientific journal
  • Check out the upcoming deadlines 
  • Apply here


The ILL's Industry group can advise on the most suitable service for your needs. Contact us  (+33) 0476207104

Price Examples

Prices can be adapted taking into consideration the complexity of the measurement and other factors

  • SANS data: from 150 EUR/sample
  • Series of stress profiles (three principal directions) though the component thickness: from 10 kEUR
  • Identification of crystalline planes (Laue diffraction pattern): from 100 EUR/sample
  • Neutron tomography: from 2500 EUR
  • In-situ (temperature, pressure) diffraction data: from 6 kEUR

*For more details about prices and quotations please contact us

Our services are eligible for the "Crédit Impôt Recherche"

The ILL has state certification for research tax credits ("Crédits d'Impôt Recherche"). 
This provides significant cost reductions for expenditure on R&D services in France.
For details on the types of research activity eligible, please consult the official documentation.

PHD industry programme

InnovaXN: The Marie Słodowska Curie COFUND Programme will support 40 fully-funded PhD studentships working on pre-competitive research projects, each driven by an industrial partner. There will be two recruitment waves of 20 students each, starting in September 2020 and September 2021.

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