Reimbursement rules

Eligible users receive financial support from the ILL for travel and accommodation  directly related to the experiment.
Accommodation and/or meals expenses incurred during the trip are not reimbursed unless agreed beforehand.
Extra costs resulting from delays or unexpected events that are not the responsibility of the ILL are not reimbursed.

All exceptions to the rules must be agreed with the User Office before your trip: contact user-office(at)

What / who can be reimbursed

User from lab in ILL members countries

Rail 2nd class fare


Max. 2 people per experiment

Air 2nd class fare


Extra UK users


What / who cannot be reimbursed / covered

User from Grenoble region

Taxi fees

motorway tolls

cash advances

Car  park / car hire fees

Tunnel fees

CRG, test, intern. and indu. experiments


1st class tickets

The ILL reimburses return travel costs between the home laboratory and the ILL, assuming the most economical means of transport authorised by the ILL.

Please book return tickets when possible and use reductions if available.

  • Rail
    • 2nd class fare,
    • Physical ticket or e-tickets with proof of payment
  • Air
    • Economy-class flight (if your flight costs more than the average price range for your period of travel, please contact user-office(at)
    • Physical ticket or e-tickets with proof of payment
  • Car
    • Standard travel: on the basis of km travelled at a rate of 0.18 EUR/km. Prior authorisation is not required.
    • Transport of heavy, bulky or fragile equipment, which cannot be carried by public transport: kms are reimbursed at a higher rate of 0.32 EUR/km. Prior authorisation is required.
    • Fuel, motorway tolls, car park fees, tunnel fees or car hire are not reimbursed.
    • If you don’t take the shortest route, please provide details of your car journey (ie detours to pick up passengers, etc.)
    • In all cases please mention on the Reimbursement Claim the names of the other Users entitled to reimbursement travelling together in the same car.
  • Unauthorised costs (taxi, car park fees, 1st class tickets, strikes)
    • Please inform the User Office in advance of your journey if you intend to take a taxi where public transport is unavailable.
    • Non-authorised transportation costs will not be reimbursed unless agreed with the User Office before travel.
    • Extra travel costs which are not the responsibility of the ILL (ie strikes) will not be reimbursed by ILL.
  • Extra days or travel detours: All non-standard travel options (such as adding extra days to your trip or deviations from the normal itinerary, whether for personal or for professional reasons) should be prearranged with the User Office and justified by presenting a price comparison. If this non-standard option is more expensive, we will reimburse a standard economy return fare.
  • Requests for accommodation are made by ticking the appropriate box on the registration form in the User Club. Users are accommodated in the Guest House, depending on availability of rooms. No accompanying person can be accommodated in the Guest House. If the Guest House is full, the User Office will book a room in one of our partner hotels near the station and the bill (incl. breakfast and tourist tax) will be paid directly by ILL.
  • If you arrange accommodation yourself or request specific accommodation to be booked by ILL, you will be reimbursed a lump-sum of 20 euros/night to cover the duration of your experiment.
  • Bookings are made only for users and not for any accompanying person. Once the booking is confirmed, if you are accompanied you should contact the hotel directly to ensure the room is suitable for your requirements (most rooms already have twin or double beds). You should pay any supplementary costs directly to the hotel.
  • If you wish to modify or cancel your accommodation reservation please inform the User Office immediately. Outside the User Office opening hours, please contact directly the guest house via: (+33 (0)4 38 88 13 00). If you arrive later or leave earlier without letting us know and the cost of the unused accommodation is invoiced to ILL, this cost (as well as any extra charges arising through failure to inform the ILL in good time) will be deducted from your reimbursement.
  • ILL pays for the number of experiment days allocated (given on the invitation form) + 1 additional travel day before the experiment. Extra days of beamtime allocated at short notice by the instrument responsible may be reimbursed after confirmation by the Instrument Responsible or Local Contact. Please note that as of March 2024, users eligible for financial assistance may request an extra day following the experiment if help with initiating data processing is required.
  •   ILL does not cover/reimburse accommodation expenses that occured during the trip to/from ILL.

ILL User Office:

phone: +33 (0)476 20 74 87
fax: +33 (0)476 48 39 06

  • Breakfast is provided at your accommodation. On Sundays and bank holidays breakfasts are not provided by Residence Marie Curie. Residents may book breakfast at the Guest House.
  • Your canteen card is now integrated on your site entrance ID badge. The badge is valid for the onsite canteen only.
  • For reimbursed users your badge will be pre-loaded with a meal allowance corresponding to the number of meals covered by the ILL during your experiment. You will be allocated a flat rate of €10.03 per meal (2 meals/day). If you use up all the pre-loaded amount before the end of your stay, you can add credit to your badge at the central cash desk at your own expense.
  • The ILL does not reimburse subsistence expenses (meals) that occured during the trip to/from ILL.
  • You can recover any balance remaining on your badge (if you have reloaded your badge) at the end of your stay:
    • at the cash desk in the restaurant entrance on weekday lunchtimes, or
    • at the till during meal times on evenings and weekends.
    •  If you have already left the site, the remaining amount on your badge will automatically be reimbursed to you alongside your reimbursement expenses claim.
  • If you lose your badge, go to the site entrance to request a new one. Money remaining in your account can be transferred to your new badge at the restaurant.
  • 24 hours after your arrival you will receive a link by email to submit your claim :  (if you are eligible for reimbursement)
  • You will only be able to create and submit a reimbursement claim after the last day of your visit. Details of your stay will then appear on the home page where a reimbursement claim can be created by clicking on the button "+ Add Expense" on the right hand side. Here you can enter information on any travel costs occurred, attaching the corresponding receipts in PDF format only.
  • Expenses can be reimbursed only if they are corroborated by the correct documents:
    • tickets or receipts containing date and price of the trip, in pdf format
    •  payment confirmation documents containing price, date, and mode of payment 
    • train tickets and flight itineraries are also essential to processing to verify the class and the route taken.
  • Expenses are reimbursed by bank transfer following the submission of your claim form to Users directly, once all items (badge, film dosimeter, radiation warning bleeper) have been returned. Expenses cannot be reimbursed to your workplace.
  • Cash advances are not possible.
  • Reimbursement claims are accepted for processing within six months after the final date of the visit.

Scientists affiliated to laboratories in ILL member countries

Scientists affiliated to laboratories in ILL member countries may be assisted with travel and daily subsistence for a limited period.  Scientists affiliated to laboratories in ILL interim member countries are not eligible for reimbursement.

Maximum of two people per experiment are reimbursed.

A maximum of two people per experiment can be reimbursed. On instruments with very 'user-demanding' experiments (e.g. D11, D17, D20, D22, PN1), additional people may be exceptionally reimbursed upon request to the User Office and in agreement with the local contact.

Number of experiment days allocated

The ILL pays for the number of experiment days allocated (given on the invitation form) + 1 additional day. Extra days of beamtime allocated at short notice by the instrument responsible may be reimbursed after confirmation by the Instrument Responsible or Local Contact. Payment of extra days for installing special equipment or preparing samples may be authorised by the User Office if requested beforehand. In general, extended stays for data treatment are not reimbursed.

UK additional budget

The UK maintains an additional budget line which is used for the purpose of enabling extra users (PhD students, users new to the ILL). Users must be affiliated to a UK lab and based in the UK. Requests require justification and authorisation by the User Office.

User not eligible for reimbursement

Reactor users from the Grenoble region are not eligible for reimbursement.

Users with beamtime for CRG, Test, Internal and Industrial experiments are not eligible for reimbursement.