Large Area GRaphite ANalyser for Genuine Excitations

LAGRANGE (Large Area GRaphite ANalyser for Genuine Excitations)

This neutron spectrometer is dedicated to studies of high energy dynamics in condensed matter.

IN1-Lagrange is a universal instrument oriented to studies of lattice and molecular excitations in complex materials in the form of phonon density of states (PDOS) and is unique at ILL thanks to the combination of high energy range/high resolution and high count rate. The boost of sensitivity offered by IN1-Lagrange opens new possibilities in spectroscopic studies of modern functional materials. IN1-Lagrange permits investigation of much smaller sample quantities, inherent in novel materials studies, and a more detailed probing of external parameters like temperature, pressure, chemical composition, time-dependent processes etc. The improved energy resolution provides access to a higher level of detail in the vibrational spectra over the whole energy range, thus stimulating further development of theoretical models and ab-initio calculations.


  • The highest performance in the case of hydrogen-containing materials
    • e.g. Life science: H-bonding, its role in biological function of proteins
  • Dynamics and bonding: functional abilities of materials; ground step in developments
  • Structure of complex molecular compounds
  • Location in the host matrix of molecular groups active in selectivity processes
  • Materials and compounds
    • hydrides of metals and intermetallic compounds (future energy storage)
    • zeolites and metallic catalysts (molecular sensitivity mechanisms)
    • nano-crystalline materials for industry and applications (fullerenes, nanotubes, polymers, amorphous materials and composites, surfaces and porous media)
    • industrially used stainless steels (mechanisms of embrittlement in aggressive environment)
    • high-Tc superconducting ceramics (highly efficient electric and magnetic devices)
    • geochemistry matters for earth science (large-scale processes related to water and hydro-carbons)
  • Magnetism (rare-earth based compounds, inter-multiplet transitions)