Four-circle diffractometer with three-axis energy analysis

D10 - Single-crystal four-circle diffractometer with three-axis energy analysis

D10+ is unique in being the only four-circle diffractometer with optional energy analysis as on three-axis spectrometers. It also possesses a unique four circle dilution cryostat for temperatures down to 0.1K, and offers high reciprocal-space resolution and low intrinsic background, to medium real-space resolution.

D10+ is a fully renewed and upgraded single crystal diffractometer delivering gains of approximately one order of magnitude compared to D10 due to the rebuilt and modernised H24 guide, dedicated end-of-guide position, optimised monochromators and new detector.

The upgrade includes the primary as well the secondary spectrometers with new bidimensional detector. It will be equipped also with a new analyser axis with continuous change of the incident wavelength. 


Conventional crystallography

  • Magnetic crystal structures
  • Modulated structures
  • Phase transitions, phase diagrams
  • Diffraction at extremely high or low temperatures, under pressure, or in high magnetic fields
  • Diffuse scattering
  • Quasi-elastic scattering
  • Crystalline thin films and multilayers
  • Inelastic scattering in four-circle geometry

Instrument layout

This layout regroups several of the options of D10 (eulerian cradle, analyser, flat-cone detector) while they are not used all at the same time. The advanced He-3 cryostat is not shown except for the air cushion platform for its liquid He-4 Dewar.