Subcommittees meeting

The ILL's scientific life is organised in ten 'colleges', each of them dealing with a particular field of research. With the exception of the Theory college, applications for beamtime may be submitted to any one of these colleges during the proposal rounds.

For each of these colleges, there is a corresponding subcommittee (review) panel which meets twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, to assess the scientific merits of applications and recommend beamtime allocation. The decision is solely based on the information given in the proposals and, if applicable, on experimental reports and publications related to previous experiments.

Proposals are ranked on a scale from 10 (highlight) to 1 (unsatisfactory).

The panel members must declare all conflicts of interest and are expected to leave the room during discussion of proposals from their own departments or proposals with which they are associated.

Subcommittee panel members are selected from academia with a nominated Chair. The panel also comprises an elected ILL College Secretary, who takes part in the organisation of the subcommittee meetings, an ILL Specialist who can give technical advice.

Next subcommittee meetings:  13 - 16 November 2023 after the Scientific Council

Proposal deadline: 15 September 2023 (midnight central European time)