Adsorption Troughs

We provide a state-of-the-art 8 to 12 positions liquid trough system on FIGARO (07ATQZ140). You can adopt a large volume or the lowest one if you need to conserve precious deuterated materials. In-situ surface tension measurement is provided to monitor up to 8 samples simultenously. This allows the equilibration of samples to be monitored independently, allowing final neutron data acquisition at the optimum time. This also provides invaluable complementary data.

The sample temperature is monitored with compact contactless pyrometers and controlled with a thermostatic bath. To ensure relatively rapid temperature changes while ensuring a perfect flatness, the troughs are made from hard aluminium. Coated with PTFE, they enable easy cleaning without any contaminating glues or coatings.

The system is split in two chambers in which you inject the gas you wish. These chambers are closed with lids featuring inclined windows allowing to measure the exact position of the sample relative to the neutron beam. The lids are heated automatically so as to prevent any condensation and Sapphire windows close the chamber and prevent spurious scattering in the dectector. B4C plates are placed on each side of the beam as well as between chambers and troughs to reduce neutron background.