Code Information

We assign an identifier to our equipment in order to simplify its maintenance and manage its movements inside the Institute. We use a code that tells us quickly about the main specifications. For cryostats, here is the way we define the code:

  • the leading two or three digits denote the internal ILL order number. This number is incremented each time a new device is made available.
  • the first and second letters denote the code of the manufacturer as follows:
  • The following letters denote the code of the refrigerant mode for a cryostat and the code of the application:
  • H: 4He
  • F: with furnace option (T > 320K)
  • N: Nitrogen
  • V: gas flow
  • 3H: 3He
  • CC: closed cycle refrigerator
  • CF: cryofurnace
  • DIL: dilution refrigerator
  • JT: with Joule Thomson third stage
  • BE: beryllium filter
  • GI: low-pressure gas injection
  • GO:goniometer
  • HP: high pressure gas injection
  • HI: heating insert
  • EC: electric current application
  • EF: electric field application
  • ER: electromagnetic radiation application
  • UCN: Ultra-cold neutron application
    • The last digits indicate the maximum sample diameter in mm.

    For example, the cryostat 173ILCC250 is the 173rd cryostat introduced at the ILL. It was designed and built by our staff (code IL), uses a cold head (code CC) and provides Ø250 mm access to the sample.