IN8 with 12T


Stray Magnetic Field and Siting Issues on IN8

We present below the magnetic forces measured on IN8 with the 12T symmetric split-pair coil magnet CRG-CEA.The measurements have been performed for 3 positions of A2 and each time for the whole range accessible with A4. The graphs below are extracted from the data.

To summarize, once the goniometer and the A3 motor are removed, the acceptable maximum field is 7T for a distance of 300 mm between the monochromator shielding and the edge of the cryomagnet (distance measured on the incident beam axis). 300 mm is presently the standard distance on this instrument.

When the sample table is pushed away from the monochromator shielding by 200 mm, i.e. when the distance is 500 mm, the acceptable maximum field is 10T for A2 = 12.6° and 11T for A2 = 41.2°.