Liquid Pressure Cell 21PL30AO2

This 300 MPa (3 kbar) cell was designed within the framwork of NMI3-II. The prototype is essentially made from hardened CuBe alloy and Sapphire windows. It is optimised for SANS and features a very low background and almost 90% transmission at 6Å. The sample thickness varies between 0.5 and 2 mm and the temperature is controlled with a thermostatic bath (±10 mK stability). The prototype cell was tested successfully on D11 in June and July 2015 and several versions are being manufactured:

  • 50 MPa for Spin-Echo providing Ø30 mm incident beam access (see cell 22PL05AO4)
  • 300 MPa for SANS providing Ø10 mm incident beam access (2 copies)
  • 500 MPa for SANS (2 copies, see cell 11PL50AO2)