Jacrot's book

Neutrons for Science: the story of the ILL, a very successful international cooperation

English version of Bernard Jacrot's book (html - 19.92 Ki) "Des neutrons pour la science", 2006, EDP Science.

  • Translation by Ronen Ghosh,
  • "2018 Update: The ILL between 2005 and 2018" by Bill Stirling and Christian Vettier
  • PDF and Flipbook by Alain Filhol and Sylvie Crozel.

A PDF of the whole book (24/11/2020) (pdf - 49 Mi) is available from this webpage or from the website of the Editor EDP-Sciences,

A printed version is also available upon request from the ILL Communication group.

Interview of Bernard Jacrot with FR3

In French

The movie below shows an interview with the French TV FR3 on 26 September 2006.
Courtesy of Valérie Chasteland, news reporter at FR3 Alpes.