Code information

We assign an identifier to our equipment in order to simplify its maintenance and manage its movements inside the Institute.
We use a code that tells us quickly about the main specifications. For gas sorption analysers and injection sticks, here is the way we define the code:

  • the leading few digits denote the internal ILL order number.
    This number is incremented each time a new device is made available.
  • the first and second letters denote the code of the device type as follows:
    • AT: Adsorption troughs
    • BC: Heated/refrigerated bath circulator
    • DC: Dialysis cell
    • HC: Humidity chamber
    • LL: Liquid-liquid interface cell
    • LT: Langmuir troughs
    • OC: Overflowing cylinder
    • RR: Rheometer
    • SA: Shear apparatus (Couette)
    • SC: Size-exclusion chromatography
    • SF: Stopped-flow devices
    • SL: Solid-liquid cell
    • SP: In-situ spectroscopy
    • TR: Tumbling rack
  • the next two letters indicate the nature of the material in the beam (the most important one):
    • AL: Aluminium
    • KT: Kapton
    • QZ: Quartz glass
  • The last digits indicate:
    • the maximum sample width in mm for a humidity chamber, a stopped-flow device.
    • the neutron path length in mm for a liquid-liquid interface cell, a trough.