D3 with 10T

139OXHV40 (10T)

Stray Magnetic Field and Siting Issues on D3

We present below the magnetic forces measured on D3 with the 10T asymmetric split-pair coil magnet 139OXHV40. Two extreme positions have been considered for all possible positions of the detector: the lowest take-off of the monochromator (+6°) and the highest take-off possible (+20.5°).

Most of the components of D3 have been replaced with non-magnetic parts after the delivery of the 10T and the magnetic forces are quite small: less than 10 and 25 daN respectively horizontally and vertically at nominal field (10T). During operation, the bottom part of the magnet is surrounded by a "green house" that prevents access near the magnet. In these conditions, the operation of this magnet on D3 is safe.