Career prospects

Add a new dimension to your career

A multicultural universe, and skills galore…

The level of innovative activity prevalent at ILL provides ample opportunities for you to enhance your career.

It is ILL policy to help staff evolve professionally, proposing posts which could suit you, posts which evolve as you do.
We pay special attention to the progress of your career and offer regular opportunities for training and skills improvement. 

In addition, we know that your family and personal interests are important. ILL provides measures to maintain the necessary balance, in exceptional natural surroundings, between your professional and family activities.

Your arrival

  • Depending on your nationality, you may have to complete residence formalities to be allowed to work in France. A member of the Recruitment and Integration team will give you all the necessary information and will help you complete the process.
  • If you have to move more than 50 km to be able to work at ILL we will reimburse you and your family's travel expenses and removal costs, within certain limits.
  • To help you settle into the region we offer assistance with your move to Grenoble and personalised help through an agency specialised in relocation services (subject to conditions).

It is important for the ILL that you get properly installed and that your family is happy with the move. We therefore offer personalised assistance on your arrival.

Because it is important for us that you settle in smoothly, upon arrival we will:

  • Invite you to an "integration day", which should help you understand who we are and what we do.
  • Propose a programme prepared by your manger before your arrival, adjusted to your needs, to help you understand your mission and ILL's plans.
  • Assign you an ILL "tutor" who will provide help according to your requirements and how he or she personally assesses the situation.
  • Provide a French course if necessary

We realise we cannot be excellent if you are not. We take great pains to help you develop your career and career prospects.

  • Through vocational training: throughout your career at the ILL you will be improving and optimising your knowledge and experience and acquiring new skills. This will help you extend your responsibilities or prepare for new professional challenges. ILL provides training in all aspects of professional life - whether scientific or technical, computing, languages or administration, management or communication.
  • Through internal mobility: our internal mobility policy can satisfy the ILL's own requirements and your own personal aspirations. It allows you to apply for any posts becoming vacant internally.
  • Through inter-organisational mobility: there are possibilities at ILL to work on a temporary basis in other organisations belonging to the GIANT campus.