ILL's recruitment process

ILL recruitment

At the ILL we believe in equal opportunities and diversity. Five hundred women and men work at the ILL, committed to progress in science and neutron technology. You too could be developing your skills in this international environment at the very forefront of science and the new technologies.

Interested in joining us?

See below for our recruitment procedures

Find a suitable job vacancy
All our vacancies (open-ended or short-term, apprenticeships, PhD, internships/work-placement, post-doc positions, etc.) are published here.

Applying for a post
Click on the “Online application” link at the bottom of the job vacancy, open your application account, upload your CV and application letter. 
You can also apply without specifying a particular vacancy, via the on-line application form. If we feel that your skills could interest us at a later date we'll keep your application for up to two years. 

Reception of your application
When we receive your application you will be notified by email.
We will then examine your suitability.

Selection for interview (2 to 4 weeks after the application deadline)
We carry out a first selection.
If your application is successful at this stage we'll telephone you for a "pre-selection" discussion. If you pass this stage we will invite you for an interview at ILL. You will be informed by email in any case of our decision on your application.

 The interview process
You will be interviewed at the ILL by the members of a selection committee, including a recruitment officer and staff familiar with the post. Different languages may be used during the interview (French, English, German). After the interview there may be a visit around the installations and ILL service involved, together with a situation exercise. Remember that the interview is an opportunity to show your levels of motivation and ability to work in a team. It's also your best opportunity to ask questions about the post and your duties etc.

After the interviews
If you've been successful, congratulations! We will contact you to formalise our offer and the recruitment. 
If you have not been selected, we'll let you know by email or telephone. If we feel that your profile could interest us in the months to come, we will keep your application for a further 24 months and contact you if necessary.

Final formalities
Welcome aboard! If you accept our proposal, we will send you your ILL contract of employment and other documents by email.

Preparing for your arrival
ILL provides personalised help for newcomers to the region. We also help non-French nationals with the administrative procedures (work/residence permits etc.). At the same time we provide you with a glimpse of the treasures in store for those settling in to ILL and Grenoble.

Getting to know the ILL
You will first be met by your ILL manager, who will take you around the Institute and explain the details of your role and position in his/her service. The Human Resources staff will also be available to help you with any difficulties. 
Once you have passed the two- to four-month trial period you will be confirmed in your post.