Skills and experience on state-of-the-art facilities

We believe ILL has a key role to play in the training of young professionals. Therefore, every year we offer new opportunities for young people to join our teams. By gaining work experience at the ILL you will be boosting the quality of your training in a highly technical international environment.

Whether you're on the technical or administrative side, we are interested in hearing from you!

"Apprenticeship" opportunities

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Job vacancies

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(WARNING: our "apprenticeship" opportunities often appear on the second page of our job offers.)

Your application should be sent between March and July if possible, for a start in September/October. There may also be opportunities outside these dates.

Just click on the link you'll find in the vacancy notice. You should then fill in the form and upload your CV and application letter.

To help with your application, we've prepared some advice for candidates.

You cannot find a suitable offer? Sen us an unsolicited application specifying clearly the type of experience you are looking for. We will study your application and give you feedback.

If we are interested in your skills we will invite you for interviews. 

We generally advertise apprenticeship contracts between April and June/July. We advise you to check our web pages regularly during this period.

We offer different types of apprenticeship contracts depending on the professional field (computing, mechanics, electrical engineering, applied physics, nuclear engineering, logistics, safety and security, health physics, human resources, personal assistance, accounting, etc.) and the level of diploma prepared. A contract lasts from 12 to 36 months.

Trainees have the same obligations and (especially) the same benefits as the rest of the ILL staff. 


You will be paid according to a salary scale established by French legislation. Pay levels can vary according to your age and the level of your studies. 
Click here to learn more about what you might expect in payment (NB: page in French only)

Working hours

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4.30 pm (with a lunch break). Under ILL’s 35-hour week agreement, you will be entitled to compensatory leave ("RTT") calculated in proportion to your working hours.

Commuting and public transport

The ILL's company transport plan reimburses 70% of staff's local transport season tickets; there are also reduced charges for MétroVélo rented bikes (Grenoble bicycle renting scheme).

Site restaurant

ILL subsidises the cost of the staff's midday meals.

ILL works council

The ILL Works Council offers a variety of benefits: price reductions, cultural and other subsidies, sports and activities, etc.

Housing assistance

If you are required to move to the Grenoble area because of your apprenticeship at ILL, you will be entitled to receive personalised assistance to help you find lodgings and housing grants (“mobili-jeune, loca-pass, mobili-pass” etc.). ILL also provides newcomers with help to settle in other ways.

Travel costs for your move to Grenoble

If you live outside the Grenoble area we will reimburse the cost of a return trip to Grenoble at the start of your contract.