D11 and small angle neutron scattering: a paradigm of ILL

This article highlights the success of D11 as an integral part of the wider achievements of ILL over half a decade. It was written by John White, the first UK director of the ILL.…

50 years of UK at ILL

Celebrating 50 Years of UK Contributions to the ILL - Wednesday 29 November from 2.00pm CET

zoom link : ill.zoom.us/j/94160560647

Making our impact known

This brochure highlights the impact of neutron science enabled by the world's most intense neutron beams and state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure at the ILL.


staff in 2022
from 31 different nationalities


scientific publications in 2022

107. 76 M€

Income 2022
73 % from the ILL Associates and 19 % from Scientific Member countries


  The ILL is a founding member of the League of advanced European Neutron Sources