The Millennium Programme has provided an emphatic demonstration of the creative, inventive, technical and scientific abilities of the ILL and its staff. 
Today the scientific community is asking us to maintain this momentum and set our sights on a more distant horizon, that of 2030. We must preserve our position of leadership by drawing on our strengths. This is the aim of the Endurance programme.

The Millennium Programme ensured that the ILL services are maintained at excellent performance levels.

In terms of quality, the Endurance programme is at least as ambitious. It will make sure that ILL instruments and auxiliary infrastructure satisfy the expectations of the user community far into the next decade.

The Endurance Programme will build on the ILL’s scientific strengths to offer new possibilities in the fields of magnetism, materials science, soft matter, biology and particle physics (gamma spectroscopy, ultracold neutrons).

It is expected to last 7 years (2016-2023).

To guarantee the highest possible return on investment, ILL has launched the Endurance Programme as the direct continuation of the Millennium Programme. The nature of the projects allows for flexibility in the planning and spending profiles. Special care has been taken to avoid any increase in operational costs. 

The breadth of the Endurance Programme covers the entire spectrum of ILL science. It has received the endorsement of ILL’s Scientific Council.

Endurance programme as of March 2023