Remote access

Despite the annual influx of international visitors, there has always been interest in options that don’t require users to travel to ILL. Remote access to instruments, experiments, and datasets unlocks scientific opportunities for those less able to travel, as well as enabling more flexible working patterns for staff.

The creation of a platform for remote control experiments will not change how the ILL welcomes its users in the future – the community in Grenoble will always be ready to support visitors from around the globe to exchange groundbreaking scientific ideas and reveal the inner workings of the universe.

The remote access platform is simply an additional asset, that can act as a solution to global or personal challenges that may otherwise limit access to the facility. With remote access, more people can actively participate in a given experiment.

More about remote access with this 3'30 video and feature webpage

Neutrons from a distance: Remote access to experiments at the ILL

Ready to get started?

Visit VISA (Virtual Infrastructure for Scientific Analysis) to:

  • create a new compute instance and use your web browser to access a Remote Desktop or JupyterLab to start analysing your experimental data
  • share your compute instance with other members of your team to collaborate together in real time
  • use NOMAD remote, the ILL remote instrument control software, to remotely control your experiment.

How to initialise NOMAD Remote.