CRG - Advanced Reflectometer for the Analysis of Materials

CRG - Advanced Reflectometer for the Analysis of Materials

Neutron reflectometer SuperADAM is operated by the Division for Material Physics of the Uppsala University, Sweden

Super ADAM is monochromatic (5.21 Å) instrument furnished with a large variety of polarizing and non-polarizing optics, large experimental area and modular design, what results in flexibility currently unrivalled by other reflectometers. Thanks to its high (and variable) resolution and polarization (99.8% in the fields from 1mT to 0.9T), Super ADAM excels in reflectivity measurements on magnetic thin films and multilayers. Tunable outgoing resolution and 2D position sensitive detector make Super ADAM an ideal tool for the experiments on polarized off-specular neutron scattering and, to some extent, on GISANS (option under development). Low background and optimized measuring algorithm result also in significant progress in the area of experiments on solid-liquid interfaces


SuperADAM offers extended capabilities making it possible to envision new types of experiments.

  • Solid Films and Superlattices: Layer magnetizations and hysteresis, Lateral patterns, GISANS, Exchange coupling, Antiferromagnetic exchange coupling of Heusler alloys, Exchange bias effects, Isotopic superlattices, Phase transitions, Hydrogen and oxygen profiles in metal superlattices, Superconductivity
  • Soft Films and Multilayers at Solid-Air and Solid-Liquid interfaces: Biomimic membranes, Colloids, Liquids under shear
  • Materials Science: Polyelectrolytes, Ion Implantation, Ionic Liquids, Ferrofluids
  • Technical developments: Neutron waveguides as neutron optical devices, Characterization of Si perfect crystals for USANS

Instrument layout

The drawing shows the heavily shielded position sensitive detector (300 x 300 mm), but a single detector is available if needed.