NOMAD XOP (v1.02)

NOMAD is an XOP that implements CORBA I/O between IGOR Pro and MAD or NOMAD at the Institut Laue Langevin. This XOP is based upon the omniORB library: It can be used with any other instrument control software able to run a CORBA client.

This version requires Igor Pro 5.02 or later on Mac OS X. It adds no menu items or dialogs to Igor. The command line operation "CORBA" described below is added to IGOR Pro and allows MAD and NOMAD users to control the sample environment unified interface. This interface designed to run with IGOR Pro is a hardware independent controller dealing with the various electronics connected to the cryostats, furnaces, pressure cells, etc.

This package is free and may be improved on request. For using it, download the disk image file containing the XOP, the Help files, the omniORB binaries and an example of CORBA client. Then, put the XOP and Help files in the Igor Extensions folder and relaunch Igor. Configure the omniORB.cfg file, start the omniNames service and enter the CORBA command in Igor with the IP address of the omniNames server. The client can then be used to test the connection.

Once the CORBA server operational, Igor replies to CORBA requests following the interface definition shown below. Data are processed and returned if the provided instrument name matches the one known by Igor. The message returned by Igor contains the requested data and an error code with the corresponding error message. These error code and message relate errors encountered by Igor when preparing the requested answer.

The status (disabled/enabled) of the sample environment equipments is provided by the get…Status() methods and the errors encountered with the equipments are provided by the get…Error() methods.

Version 1.02 for Mac OS X and Igor Pro 5.02+
(Universal Binary XOP, omniORB, client):

Revision notes

Version 1.02 - January 2010
Checks instrument ID before performing a MAD/NOMAD request, Errors management improved (see error codes table).
32-bit version compatible with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).

Version 1.01 - October 2009
Help flag bug fixed. Release based upon omniORB 4.1.4.
32-bit version compatible with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).

Version 1.00 - January 2008
First Release - based upon omniORB 4.1.1.
32-bit version compatible with Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5).