GHS for Dilution Inserts

The Gas Handling System for Dilution Inserts (GHS-DI) is designed from industrial components and controls dilution inserts from room temperature to base temperature (generally 40 mK) inside cryostats and cryomagnets. The system proposes several operating modes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. In semi- and fully-automatic modes, the decisions are taken by a logic process controller (Schneider M340).

Intuitive interface

The unit comes with pumps, filters, nitrogen trap, valves, pipes, etc., a dump filled with a mixture of 3He and 4He and a 4He bottle. The system is connected to one of the ILL dilution inserts inserted in the sample space of a cryostat and comes preconfigured with sets of parameters matching all possible cryostat/dilution fridge couples.

The LabView graphical user interface proposes 6 screens selected from a tab bar:

  • Graphs showing the evolution of the temperature, the liquid cryogens levels and the heat exchangers parameters
  • A synoptic of the gas handling system providing user interaction in manual mode
  • Logs of all actions and errors since the beginning of the experiemnt
  • A configuration panel to select the currently used cryostat and dilution insert and change the control parameters
  • An overview of the network architecture allowing to enable/disable devices and change network settings
  • A FAQ page.

At the top of the screens, indicators are permanently displayed to report potential alarms and defaults. The brightness of the screen is dimmed in the absence of operator. Data are collected and stored in a database.

Full remote control

Computer control via Ethernet is available. All parameters can be read and set. The communications are based on the Modbus communications protocol which has become a de facto standard in industry. We provide a Modbus XOP and a Procedure for controlling the level monitor with Igor Pro.

Temperature setpoint (K)XX40 200
Sample temperature (K)X 40 554
Option #1 temperature (K)X 40 556
Cryostat regulation temperature (K)X 40 558
Cold-Valve pressure (hPa)X 40 560
Liquid helium level (%)X 40 562
Liquid nitrogen level (%)X 40 564
Equipment status — Idle bitX 40 550.0
Equipment status — Running bitX 40 550.1
Equipment status — Local/Remote bitXX40 550.2
Equipment status — Fault bitX 40 550.3
NOMAD tolerance range (idle and running status)XX40 552

Please find below the release history and some instructions for updating the firmware.

Release History

  • 1.00 - Initial release