Neutron Scattering XOP

Neutron Scattering XOP

This external operation (XOP) adds a set of functions to Igor Pro that are useful for neutron scattering users, especially when dealing with polarised beams. This XOP provides 46 functions related with:

This plug-in is free and may be improved on request. For using it, download the disk image file containing the XOP and the Help files. Then, put both in the Igor Extensions folder and relaunch Igor.

Version 1.22 - August 2021

Adds temperature parameter to the spin filter routines, 64-bit version for Igor Pro 8.04, Help file updated.

Version 1.22 for Mac OS X and Igor Pro 8.04+

Download (dmg - 2.49 Mi)

Version 1.22 for Windows 10 and Igor Pro 8.04+

Download (zip - 1.72 Mi)

Version 1.20 - August 2008

"He3Efficiency2" and "He3Efficiency2SDev" functions added for calculating the neutron polarisation from two monitors mounted before and after the spin filter cell.

Version 1.20 for Mac OS X and Igor Pro 5.02+
(Universal Binary XOP):

Download (dmg - 1.86 Mi)

Version 1.20 for Windows XP and Igor Pro 5.02+
(Win32 XOP):

Download (zip - 1.78 Mi)

Previous versions

Version 1.22 - Auhust 2021
Adds temperature parameter to the 3He spin filter functions.

Version 1.20 - Auhust 2008

Adds "He3Efficiency2" and "He3Efficiency2SDev" functions.

Version 1.16 - June 2008
Bug fixed

Version 1.13 - May 2002
Asymmetry and 3He spin filter functions added for calculating the spin filter efficiency, transmission and the 3He polarisation from asymmetry measurements.

Version 1.04 - March 2002
Sin(Theta)/Lambda functions added for calculating the reciprocal space distances 

Version 1.00 - November 2000
First Release - includes count rate, flipping ratio, optimum counting times and peak centering calculations