3He Inserts and Cryostats

All helium-3 refrigerators (inserts and cryostats) are available from a pool on request. The tailoring of these systems to individual experiments requires a considerable amount of effort, and the choice of system and scheduling of the experiment must be made in conjunction with our team. Sufficient advance notice to sane(at) is therefore required for their reservation. As regards the preparation of the experiment, users are kindly invited with their Local Contacts to bring the sample to the workshop of the Services for Advanced Neutron Environment team at least one day before the starting date.

All requests for liquid helium should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Please arrange with your Local Contact to order your helium. If you are not familiar with transferring liquid helium between dewar and cryostat, please do not hesitate to call for assistance from your Local Contact or directly from the Services for Advanced Neutron Environment team.


Material in
the beam
Sample Dimensions
Ø x height (mm)



350 mK - 300 KA5-AG3Ø150 x 190

Bottom loading


400 mK - 300 KA5Ø34 x 115
(60 max from holder to beam)

Insert for Ø