Roadmap for SE

A sample environment roadmap for ILL future

Eddy Lelièvre-Berna, Helmut Schober
Institut Laue Langevin, 6 rue Jules Horowitz, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9, France

ILL instruments have considerably been improved but the experiments are slowed down by the performance of the sample environment. We also do not provide the equipments necessary to investigate novel scientific challenges. We must therefore establish new standards in sample environment:

  • faster cooling cryostats with modular tail designs,
  • automatic sample changers using standardized containers,
  • non-magnetic goniometers and cradles to speed up sample orientation under extreme conditions,
  • improved temperature controlled humidity chambers, rheometers, stopped flow cells, acoustic levitators, static/dynamic light scattering setups,
  • dynamic measurements in periodic external fields,
  • high-pressure systems for H2, CO2, etc. sorption analyses,
  • non-magnetic high-pressure cells for cryomagnets and polarised beams,
  • focusing optics integrated in equipments for investigating smaller samples,
  • furnaces allowing precise density measurements of liquid systems,
  • in-situ AC susceptibility, resistivity, calorimetry measurements,
  • specific Cryopad for investigating the effects violating parity and time reversal invariance, the quest to the determination of the neutron EDM,
  • vertical and horizontal high-field magnets for TOF and SANS spectrometers,
  • very high pulsed and static magnetic field magnets,
  • sample naming convention agreed among all facilities,
  • automatic recognition and combination of the equipments, etc.

After a brief presentation of the progress already performed, we present a roadmap, the projects that are going to be financed and those requiring financial support.