The thermocouples installed in our furnaces are pre-calibrated. We mostly use K-type, B-type and C-type thermocouples in low-, mid- and high-temperature furnaces. Please find below the typical specifications of these thermocouples for information.

Uncertainty of standard Thermocouples
TypeConductorsTemp. RangeTolerance
KPositive: Ni - Cr
Negative: Ni - Al
from -100°C to 293°C
from 293°C to 1260°C
±0.75% of the temperature
NPositive: Ni - Cr - Si
Negative: Ni - Si
from 0°C to 293°C
from 293°C to 1250°C
±0.75% of the temperature
BPositive: Pt - 30% Rh
Negative: Pt - 6% Rh
870°C to 1700°C±0.5% of the temperature
CPositive: W - 5% Re
Negative: W - 25% Re
from 0°C to 426°C
from 426°C to 2315°C
±1% of the temperature