Guidelines for scientific contributions

The format of the ILL annual report has been revised, and the 2023 issue will be a lighter and more visual version like the 2022 issue, and printed in a new format (250x200).

Each scientific contribution should consist of one page, including one or two figures or graphs.
We will provide a photo of the ILL instrument if available, but do not hesitate to submit a photo of your choice if relevant.

To write your contribution, please follow carefully the following guidelines:

Remember: this is not a publication for a scientific journal. Keep your text simple and clear.
The targeted audience should be scientists with a high level degree in science.
The figures should not be too technical, and it is better to avoid complicated graphs.

Text of the article

  • the articles should be not longer than 530  words including an introduction of about 50-80 words and a conclusion (one or two paragraphs)
  •  pay special attention in putting more emphasis on the applied benefits/merits of the ILL’s science— if this applies
  • the introduction should state (for a non expert) in which context you did this research and why your results are important
  •  include a short description of the author (30-40 words) and  provide a ID photo
  • no reference will be included in this new format, a part from the original publication

Figures and photos 

  • a maximum 2 figures (or diagrams) with captions (which should not exceed 20 words max)
  • provide high-quality figures and graphics (300 dpi is recommended)

Contact us for any further information :