Anyone wishing to settle in France must have a valid passport. A visa may also be required


Getting a visa

For any stay in France exceeding 90 days, nationals of non-European countries will need to apply in advance for a long-stay visa and to contact the French consulate nearest your place of residence. 

EU nationals and those from Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco do not need visas, but will need to show a valid identity card or passport.

The French government maintains an online visa portal which will allow you to determine if and what category of visa you will need, and begin the application process (link below).

International Talent: Passport Talent - Researcher

Most PhD student, scientists and researchers are eligible for a multiyear visa, Passport Talent – Researcher. Family members are eligible for the Passport Talent – Family visa.This visa will allow you to apply for a residence permit, which must be done within two months of arriving in France.However, if you have a fixed-term contract (CDD) for less than 12 months, you will receive a long-stay visa that also serves as a resident permit (VLS-TS).



In addition to all of the personal documents required to apply for your visa, you will also need ahosting agreement, or convention d’accueil that has been stamped and signed by the ILL. Please contact the Recruitment and Integration group (Tel.: +33 476.20.72.36 - – Office ILL 4 - 052)


For more information

Official visa portal (in six languages):

International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO):


Getting a residence permit card (carte de séjour)


If you are not an EU national, you and accompanying family members will have three months from your arrival in France to apply for a resident’s permit or titre de séjour.  If you were given a VLS/TS visa which also serves as a resident permit, you will need to validate it online within two months of your arrival.

Procedures do change, so please follow the instructions you received with your visa. Do not delay requesting your residence permit because the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.


Passport Talent visa applications:

The application for residence permits is made online through a national platform. Note that you will need a hosting agreement, or convention d'accueil, which is prepared by the ILL Recruitment and Integration group.

TIP:  The International Student and Scholar office (ISSO) offers a free service to review your application package before you submit it to the prefectural authorities (see link below).

Only submit your application if it is complete, because if any documents are missing or incomplete, you might have to start the process again.



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