The Endurance programme encompasses more than 30 new or upgraded instrument and infrastructure projects, rolled out over 8 years between 2016 and 2023.

 Many new or upgraded instruments have already been deployed and are in user-operation including:  the fission-fragment gamma ray spectrometer, FIPPS; the upgraded cold-neutron TOF spectrometer IN5; new thermal TOF spectrometer PANTHER; and a second protein crystallography station, DALI.  The D3 hot-neutron diffractometer and IN20 thermal triple-axis spectrometer have been upgraded while new and additional detectors for the SANS instruments D11 and D22 have been installed.  The D16 cold-neutron diffractometer has been fully modernised and new cold-neutron imaging instrument, NeXT, has been installed.  

Delivering a full suite of modernised instrumentation is dependent on the renewed in-pile beam extraction, H1-H2, new H24 (thermal) and H15 (cold) neutron guides and the in-house development and manufacture of critical technologies such as neutron detectors, monochromator optics and polarisation components.

 The new H24 guide provides dedicated end-of-guide positions to the upgraded D10+ single crystal diffractometer, IN13 backscattering instrument and the new XtremeD powder and single-crystal diffractometer.  In 2024, the H15 guide will house a considerably improved D(00)7 diffuse scattering and polarised spectroscopy instrument, while D11 will be rebuilt and relocated with an optically cleaner collimation.  Two additional positions at the end of the guide are available for new instrumentation: the SHARP+ cold-neutron TOF spectrometer and a 4th SANS instrument, SAM.

The success of Endurance will provide users with a fully modernised suite of world-class instruments.

Endurance programme as of September 2023