CRG - High intensity two-axis powder diffractometer

D1B (CRG) High intensity two-axis powder diffractometer

D1B is a high intensity powder diffractometer with a PSD covering the angular range 0.8 to 128.8º. Highly demand for real time experiments, and for very small samples because of its high efficiency position sensitive detector (PSD). It runs as a CRG-A instrument by CNRS / CSIC. 50% of beam time is used by ILL experiments while the other 50% of the beam time is used by CNRS and CSIC.


  • Determination of magnetic structure
  • Study of spin reorientation transitions
  • Phase transitions investigated by thermodiffractometry
  • Time resolved experiments kinetics studies
  • Dynamical studies in solid state chemistry
  • In situ neutron diffraction
  • In situ chemistry, chemical intercalation via solid-gas reaction
  • Texture analysis
  • Physisorption

Instrument layout

This layout shows the new D1B setup with the new Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) with 1280 cells covering a total of 128º, and the radial Oscillating Collimator (ROC).