CRG - High intensity two-axis powder diffractometer

Simulated experiment

  • The polychromatic beam from the thermal guide H22 is diffracted by the monochromators with a take-off angle of 44.22º towards the sample positions which is 3000mm downbeam.
  • The sample, a polycrystalline powder, loaded inside a cylinder vanadium can, diffracts the monochromatic incident beam.
  • The Bragg reflections are mesured by a multi-detector with 1280 cells with a separation of 0.1º, covering the angular range 0.8 to 128.8º. A whole diffraction pattern is thus collected while the detector remains steady.
  • Note the Radial Oscillating Collimator (ROC) which eliminates the parasitic diffraction beams from sample environment devices.
  • The recorded neutron diffraction patterns (bottom-left inset) make it possible to study the structure of matter and phase transitions.