Sample management

Below you can see the steps and information on Safety and Radioprotection currently in place regarding sample handling.
If needed, a process is in place to facilitate the receiving, coordinating and returning of samples to our Users by post.

Before your experiment

Before your visit, make sure that a sample responsible is designated : he/she will be responsible of all the safety and practical aspects regarding your sample.

If sample shipping is required, or in case of remote access, please send your sample to the ILL as early as possible. ILL scientists prefer to have the sample on-site for the beginning of the cycle for flexibility with regards to the scheduling.

Please use the following format for the postal address:

Your Local Contact's name

Telephone: +33 (0) 4 76 20 73 52 / +33 (0) 4 76 20 70 75 (our customs team)

Email: / (customs team)

Institut Laue-Langevin - 71 avenue des Martyrs
CS 20156, 38042 GRENOBLE Cedex 9 - France

For customs formalities, please see further information:

  • Please select the 'Delivery Duty Paid' option when organising your expedition
  • Alternatively, please select 'Delivery at Place', specifying a low value for the contents
  • Ensure all contents are detailed correctly, providing your personal telephone number in case customs would like further information

If required, the ILL's EORI number is FR77955588700024

At the ILL

Samples used in experiments at the ILL must be controlled by the ILL Health Physics Service before being taken off the site. A Health physics agent is available to control samples during working hours (8:00 – 11:45 and 12:30 – 16h30) at the exit of the reactor opposite the security agents. The response time of the Health physics agent may vary due to factors such as their scheduling and workload.

Your film dosimeter, radiation warning beeper MUST be returned to the security personnel at the reactor entrance or to the ILL50 ZAC entrance. If you are leaving after 7pm or on a Sunday, you can leave your dosimeter in the 'dosimeter box' located at the reactor entrance. Please do NOT leave your dosimetry in the racks. We must send your passive films for development as soon as possible and reassign the dosimeter to other users.

Please leave your entrance badge at the site entrance.

Returning your samples

If your samples need to be shipped back to you from the ILL, your local contact will take care of the necessary formalities. They will be returned to you as quickly as possible.

It is important that the information you have listed on your User Club account is correct, as we usually ship samples back to your affiliated laboratory. Please include your telephone number on the User Club, as this is required in order for us to ship the sample.

 The transport company we use is DHL, so be prepared to receive a call from them regarding the location of your sample.