Services for Advanced Neutron Environments


Out of hours support is provided in cryogenics during operating cycles. Local contacts, please call 66850 to reach our experts. 

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Having trouble with an Orange cryostat? Take a look at our Trouble Shooting Guide...

Helium Recycled

Our commitment to the environment began more than five decades ago.

Since 1972, we have delivered more than 2.943.679 litres of liquid helium to the instruments and recycled 88.8% of this precious natural resource. At today's prices, this represents savings of more than 53 M€.

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Send Feedback

Do you have a pioneering idea that could change the way we provide support to our users, or perhaps an innovation that could allow our users to carry out innovative experiments?

Either way, we value your opinion and welcome ideas on how we can improve. Leave us your feedback. Be assured that we will carefully review all suggestions.

Safety & Magnets

Please be careful in the vicinity of cryomagnets! The mechanical limits must always be installed and checked before starting an experiment.

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40 Tesla down to 2 K

Perform neutron diffraction experiments up to 40 Tesla and 2 K with our pulsed field magnet on IN22.

Designed and built by the LNCMI-Toulouse, the coil produces a horizontal field up to 40 T with the 1.15 MJ transportable power supply. The coil is installed inside a cryostat developed by our team. As for counting times, only a few hours are generally necessary to measure the field evolution of a Bragg peak. This project was financed by the Agence National de la Recherche,

Easy crystal alignment in cryostats

Request our Goniostick for aligning your sample in a cryostat or cryomagnet.

We have developed a Goniostick for cryostats and cryomagnets based on the idea of Berneron et al. This non-magnetic goniometer fits inside Ø38 bore cryostats and provides ±7° sample tilt with 0.02° resolution. Controlled manually or remotely with NOMAD, it is available with Cryopad, the 10T magnets for TAS and TOF instruments and the 4T horizontal field magnet.

Dilution Fridge Insensitive to Gravity

Did you know that you can perform an experiment with a 100 mK dilution refrigerator mounted in the cradle of D10? This world-unique gravity insensitive dilution refrigerator is operated in closed loop to preserve 3He.

Cryocradle in Cryopad

With our Cryocradle, a non-magnetic Eulerian cradle cooled down to 4 K, carrying out Spherical Neutron Polarimetry experiments on D3 with Cryopad has never been so easy. And soon, a second Cryocradle will be available to cool down a sample while another one is in the beam.

ILL is an institutional member of the International Society for Sample Environment with 21 other facilities and 15 companies.

ILL is also proud to be a corporate member of the Cryogenics Society of Europe.

Ordering Liquid Helium

Please order your helium at least 48 hours in advance so that we can satisfy your needs.

17 Tesla on SANS

To book the horizontal field 17 T cryomagnet, please contact E. Blackburn (Lund Univ.). This magnet provides a +/-11° scattering angle down to 100 mK (sapphire windows).

Book Equipment

The use of our equipment is organised in shared calendars. You can check your bookings, look for availabilities and submit requests.