Thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer with polarization analysis IN20

IN20 - Thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer with polarisation analysis

IN20 is a thermal beam three-axis spectrometer for inelastic scattering experiments in various sample environments (eg. magnets up to 15 T). It can be equipped with single-analyser-detector or Flatcone (an inclinable multianalyser-detector to study energy cuts in, above and below the central reciprocal scattering plane), with standard Helmholtz or CRYOPAD (zero-field) polarisation analysis, polarisation analysis in horizontal magnetic fields or vertical magnetic fields.


  • Magnetic fluctuations and quantum critical points
  • Spin waves and their coupling to lattice modes
  • Crystal field excitations
  • Spin canting in amorphous magnets
  • Thin-film magnetism