CRG - Thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer with polarization analysis

Thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer

IN22 is a CRG instrument operated at the ILL by the CEA-Grenoble DRFMC/SPSMS. It is a thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer especially designed for inelastic neutron scattering under high magnetic fields. It is equipped for both longitudinal and spherical polarisation analysis. The machine is optimized to work with neutrons of incident energies in the range between 5 and 100 meV, thanks to H25 a m=2 supermirror guide.


  • Study of magnetic and structural excitation spectra on single crystals with neutrons of incident energies in the range 5-100 meV. Vertical magnetic field up to 15T, horizontal magnetic field 4T and pressure up to 1 GPa options are available.
  • Longitudinal and spherical polarimetry of inelastic contributions
  • Measurements of inelastic nuclear-magnetic interference terms.
  • Polarized neutron inelastic scattering under high magnetic field (up to 12 T).
  • Measurements of magnetic and structural excitation lifetimes with Neutron Resonance Spin echo (NRSE) option.
  • Experiments requiring a good resolution in wave vector and a low intrinsic neutron background.
  • Study of magnetic phase diagram with pulsed magnetic filed up to 40T.

Instrument layout

Here the instrument is shown in its classical setting for magnetic studies. The neutron beam is polarised and the sample is placed in the high magnetic field of a cryomagnet.