CRG - Diffractometer for extreme conditions of pressure and magnetic field

XtremeD High-intensity diffractometer for extreme conditions of pressure and magnetic filed


XtremeD is a high-intensity powder and single crystal diffractometer optimised for the studies under extreme conditions of pressure, temperature and magnetic field. The combination of a large solid angle detector, variable neutron beam focussing on the sample and intrinsically low background make XtremeD the instrument of choice when it comes to probing very small volumes, bulky sample environments or real time (e.g. in-situ and in-operando) studies. Featuring two monochromators (Si and HOPG) and a wide range of take-off angles, XtremeD resolution and wavelength can be adjusted to the needs of each experiment.


  • Powder and single-crystal neutron diffraction
  • Magnetic and nuclear structure determination
  • In-situ and in-operando experiments
  • Parametric studies as a function of pressure/magnetic field
  • Thermodiffractometry
  • Phase transitions, phase diagrams
  • Optimized for very small sample gauge volumes