User guide

Our User Guide provides all the practical information required to help you prepare your visit to the ILL.

Before your experiment: information to prepare your visit i.e. visas, registering for experiments, useful advice

On site: information when you are at the ILL

After your experiment: information concerning your departure, sample, ILL publication and data policy, experimental report policy and your data

If you have questions or comments please contact the User office.

NEW rules for access to radiation protection areas

In accordance with the French decree 2018-437 regarding the protection of workers against the risks of ionising radiation, the ILL must implement new rules for users working in controlled areas. These rules will be applied from the first reactor cycle of 2023.
Users coming  for an experiment and working in the ILL’s experimental areas should now comply with the following rules:

- Upon arrival  user classified as Non Exposed  (NE) to ionising radiation must provide a signed authorisation form from their employer at the ZAC entrance (download, pdf (pdf - 106 Ki), 106ki).
- The number of days worked in radiation protection controlled areas must not exceed 20 days in a rolling one-year period.
- If users are classified as NE workers (non-exposed” to ionising radiation), once this limit is reached, they will not be able to participate in experiments scheduled within the rolling one-year period.
- Only  classified A or B users (exposed to ionising radiation) are allowed to work in the experimental areas for more than 20 days in a rolling one-year period. However, above this limit, it is their responsibility to come to the ILL with their employer's passive dosimeter. The ILL provides a passive dosimeter not nominative to guarantee the measurement of neutron doses. These users are not required to provide the above authorization.

- NE users will not be allowed to enter orange or red controlled areas under any circumstances.
- All users are obliged to take the health physics training test on the User Club website (valid for 6 months).