1 GPa Gas Pressure Regulators

The 1 GPa Gas Pressure Regulators supply continuously-loaded high-pressure cells with helium up to 1 GPa (10 kbar). Each system, built by SITEC, consists of a pneumatic-driven 2-head diaphragm compressor for pre-filling the system and the sample with helium up to 200 MPa, and a primary pump driving the pressure intensifier up to 1 GPa. The control loops and the different modes of control operation are performed on a Eurotherm Mini8 PLC. The graphical user interface is programmed with LabView on a panel PC with touch screen.

The pressure generation system is designed for controlled pressurisation and depressurisation. The pressure intensifier piston position is measured and indicated. If the piston has reached the upper end position, the automatic re-filling procedure is activated. In standard operation, NOMAD communicates via an Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP/IP) with the PLC. A list of the relevant PLC registers is provided below.

The compressors, pressure intensifier, valves, controller and related electronics are packed in a crate that is brought to the instruments. It also features two rollers of cables (230V and compressed air). The Florinert level in the tank is measured and indicated. On the GUI, the mode of operation can be changed to manual mode. In this mode, a simple pressure ramp up or down can be started. This makes it possible to test a pressure profile step by step.

Actual value PT1 (intensifier outlet)X 4228
Actual value PT2 (sample)X 4229
Actual value PT3 (intensifier inlet)X 4230
Actual pressure compressed airX 4231
Piston position (intensifier)X 4232
Filling level B1 (FC-770 Fluorinert level)X 4233
Actual value PT4X 4234
Emergency switchX 4251
Output signal control valve compressed airX 4252
Output signal control valve (intensifier pressure relief)X 4253
Output signal control valve (sample pressure relief)X 4254
Actual control phaseX 4962
Target set point (remote control)XX4963
Intensifier ratio limitX 4964
Maximum pressureX 4965
Working set pointX 4966
Target set point (LabView)X 4968
Remote control activeX 4969
Set point ramp rateXX4970
Firmware version (Mini8)X 4971
Offset PT1 (intensifier outlet)X 4972
Offset PT2 (sample)X 4973
Offset PT3 (intensifier inlet)X 4974
Perform intensifier checkX 4975
Pressure increase disabledX 4976
Ramp reachedX 4977
Timeout leak detection compressor (minutes)XX4978
Leak detection enabled after programming start (hours)XX4979
Reset "pressure increase disabled"XX4980
Pressure alarmX 5071