700 MPa He Pressure Regulator

This gas pressure controller supplies continuously loaded high-pressure cells with helium at a pressure ranging from 100 to 7 kbar (0.7 GPa). The gas is compressed up to 3 kbar with a standard double-stage diaphragm compressor from Nova-Swiss and stored in a buffer volume (low-pressure mode). A second stage is employed to reach 7 kbar with a multiplier driven with a brushless motor (high-pressure mode). The two stages are controlled with a PLC which stabilises precisely the pressure and manages all safety aspects. Two screens are provided on the control panel to help users manipulate valves for switching between the low and high-pressure modes.

The compressor, valves, controller and related electronics are packed in a crate that is easily moved to the instruments. It also features two rollers of cables (380V and compressed air) and an external platform onto which a bottle of helium can safely be attached and exchanged. Remote operation is possible using the Modbus serial communication protocol (RS485 serial port or Ethernet).